New COVİD-19 Tourist Insurance for Turkey

Enjoy your holiday with a safe feeling even in current COVID-19 times! Turkey has launched a Safe Tourism Certification Program that resulted in a Tourist Protection Support Insurance.

When you arrive in Turkey, your safe passenger’s journey starts. Airports have automatic body heat scans, security measures for staff that guide tourists to hotels, anti-virus cloud spray devices for luggage if necessary, and security measures for staff serving guests in the hospitality sector. At the same time, guests can inform themselves in detail through QR codes in hotels which indicates the latest checks by which authorized functionary.

This service is one of the first examples of its kind. The program is carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant stakeholders in the sector.

In order to receive compensation, the tourist/patient must be formally and permanently diagnosed with Covid-19 or admitted to intensive care. Subsequently, a request must be made to Güneş Sigorta insurance company. The offered service is available in three separate packages of €10, 14 and 22. The insurance can also be purchased by hotel- or tour operators by indicating the number of people.

The policy period may be up to 30 days depending on the duration of the insured’s travel. If necessary, the treatment can be continued for another 10 days in intensive care, even after the ending of the policy.

Payment is made to one of the public hospitals contracted by the insurance company. If the tourist/patient is in an uncontracted or in a private hospital, the payment can be made manually. However, administrative requirements in such unexpected pandemic environment are: a copy of passport including entrance and exit date, photocopy of passport frontside, medical  follow-up forms, unpaid invoices and examination results.

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*Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands & Turkey does not accept any legal responsibility arising from this program initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


Supplier Days Event From The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Exclusive to Dutch Multinationals, Istanbul, 18-19 February 2020

On 18 and 19 February 2020, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (« ICoC »), in association with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands and Turkey (« CCNT »), will hold a unique two-day supplier days event bringing Dutch multinational companies together with the Turkish Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange.

The “Supplier Days for Dutch Multinationals” event addresses to Dutch companies willing to diversify their global procurement networks by getting access to one of Turkey’s most selective and reliable data pool of suppliers and manufacturers. This entirely free of charge event presents a unique opportunity for Dutch multinationals to develop new, high-quality procurement channels.

We invite the procurement and purchasing teams of global Dutch companies to get in touch with CCNT for more information and to join this unique event which presents new and high value-added business opportunities.

Draft Program 18-19 February 2020 Istanbul

Cooperation with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce

On 23 November 2018, the President, mr. Oliver von Borstel and the Vice President, mr. Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast, met with mr. Ethem Emre, President of the Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands & Turkey and mr. Adnan Büyükbilgin, its Vice President, to discuss cooperation between the two Chambers.

The Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC) and the possibilities for the Chambers to function as a hub for this center proved to be an interesting topic of discussion. The IIFC offers numerous interesting business opportunities for European entrepreneurs, due to its easy accessibility and solid infrastructure. The economy of Turkey is defined as an emerging market economy by the IMF. Turkey is among the world’s developed countries according to the CIA World Factbook. Turkey is also defined by economists and political scientists as one of the world’s newly industrialized countries. Therefore, doing business with Turkey can be very profitable and the IIFC can provide the means in this respect.

The IIFC project – which started in 2009 and is currently being developed in Istanbul’s Ataşehir district – has been designed to be one of the world’s major financial centers. This landmark government project aims to build a larger financial center than the existing ones in New York, London and Dubai and also aims to make Istanbul the center of finance internationally. It will create a center designed be the heart of the world financial sector and serve 24/7 as a public hub. With the completion of the project, some 30,000 people will be employed. Constructed on an area of 2.5 million square meters (26.9 million square feet), the IIFC will have 560,000 square meters of office space, 90,000 square meters of shopping mall, 70,000 square meters of hotel, 60,000 square meters of residential space and a culture and congress center with a capacity of 2,000.

Both Chambers are looking forward to further cooperation.


Cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands & Turkey

Fair – Eurasia Packaging Fair

With more than 1200 exhibitors, an inspiring education programme and live product awards and showcases, Eurasia Packaging Fair is the most attractive and preferred annual event in its region. It’s where emerging and established manufacturers of food and non-food goods discover thousands of smart solutions to achieve product ‘stand out’ whilst considering cost and time effective packaging production from design to completion, to meet market demand.

Embracing every element of the production stage, from processing, packaging and filling machinery to all packaging products, Eurasia Packaging Fair’s global and local exhibitors of all kinds of solutions continue to fulfill the specific project needs of more than 50,000 manufacturers from Turkey, East and Western Europe, The Balkans, Russia, Caucasia, Middle East and North Africa.

SOLAR 2016

“SOLARTR 2016” scientific activity, which will be organised with the collaboration of “Universities / Industry / Public Agencies and Institutions / Civil Society Organizations”, comprises of an international conference and an exhibition that is related to science and technology about the innovative technologies and practices within the realm of solar energy, which is gradually becoming more significant.

At the conference a wide variety of issues will be discussed including the solar technologies (PV, thermal) and the new trends, Measurement and characterization of PV materials and devices, PV power plants, Concentrated solar power (CSP), Operation, performance and reliability of solar energy systems, Solar thermal and solar electricity markets and their dynamics, Solar energy in urban planning, Solar cooling and heating, Large scale solar systems, Solar heat integration in industrial processes, Building integrated solar, Solar renovation of buildings, Contribution of solar energy to achieve net zero energy buildings, Energy storage systems, Hybrid systems, Rating and certification procedures, New materials and new concepts, Regulations and opportunities for regional development, Climate change and solar energy, Emission trading, Innovative financing models for solar systems, R&D, P&D and future collaborations, Environmental health and safety.

Planned by the stakeholders of the Solar Energy to form a basis for evaluating the sector and its development in all aspects, SOLARTR 2016 has also an important place due to gathering all of the parties together from the researcher to the industry and from the public to the contractor. The purpose is to gather all of the stakeholders together, propose solutions and serve to the common usage of the sun in energy production.

In particular, legislation and its requirements, problems and their solutions offers, national, regional and international needs for effective operation of the integrated sector will be mentioned; in addition, the information shared will develop the vision of the Solar Energy sector, the proposals will contribute to the elimination of the possible threats and the difficulties, and an input will be constituted for the road maps and action plans to be prepared in conjunction with the statements.

We are inviting you to this grand event that we are organizing.

Prof. Dr. Günnur KOÇAR


Chair, SOLARTR 2016

Megavliegveld Istanbul krijgt dubbel zoveel vliegmaatschappijen als Schiphol

De nieuwe luchthaven van Istanbul, die de grootste ter wereld zal worden als alle fases zijn voltooid, zal ruim 250 luchtvaartmaatschappijen verwelkomen.

Dat liet CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu van IGA Airports, onderdeel van het consortium dat het megavliegveld bouwt, weten in een interview met persbureau AA.

De 250 vliegmaatschappijen zullen naar meer dan 350 bestemmingen over de hele wereld vliegen, waarmee het vliegveld ook nog een van de grootste hubs ter wereld zal worden. De nationale luchtvaartmaatschappij van het land, Turkish Airlines, staat daarnaast ook bekend als de vliegmaatschappij die naar de meeste bestemmingen ter wereld vliegt.

Ter vergelijking met overige vliegvelden: op de Nederlandse luchthaven Schiphol, tevens een grote hub in Europa, vliegen rond de 125 luchtvaartmaatschappijen (inclusief cargo).


Akçayoğlu kwam ook met andere cijfers: passagiers zullen met een Turkse terminal te maken krijgen die 1,3 miljoen vierkante meter groot is.

De nu overvolle luchthaven Istanbul-Atatürk brak recent een record in het aantal vliegbewegingen (1.500), maar dat aantal zal 2.000 zijn voor het nieuwe megavliegveld van het land, dat werkgelegenheid zal bieden aan 100.000 mensen.

Daarnaast krijgt volgens Akçayoğlu de nieuwe Turkse luchthaven ook de grootste parkeergarage van Europa, waar plek zal zijn voor 18.000 auto’s.

De eerste fase van het megavliegveld is al voor dertig procent voltooid en opent in februari 2018.


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YASED International Direct Investments Evaluation Report (2016- Q1)

“In the first quarter of 2016, International Direct Investment (FDI) inflows to Turkey amounted to $ 2,006 million. This shows a decrease of 53% compared to the same period of last year. In the first quarter of 2016, International Direct Investment (FDI) inflows to Turkey amounted to $ 2,006 million. This shows a decrease of 53% compared to the same period of last year. In the first quarter of 2016, out of the $ 2 billion total FDI inflows to Turkey, $ 954 million was net foreign capital inflows, $ 1 billion constituted real estate purchases by non-residents, respectively. In other words, real estate purchased by non-residents had an important share of 53% in the total inflows. Inflows from real estate purchases increased by 40% compared to the same period of last year.”


You can check and download the report via this link: YASED Evaluation Report 2016



Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair

“Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair will be organized under the auspices of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, with supports from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey Ministry of EU Affairs and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Development, with strategic partnership of Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB) and with contributions of 32 institutions and associations in JW Marriott Hotel Ankara between 18-22 October 2016.

Over 3000 experts and representatives from 20  countries are expected including; top officers and bureaucrats from T.R. Ministry of Health as well as other Ministries, public-private-university hospitals and city hospitals, national and international hosted buyers, assistance and insurance companies to Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair between 18-22 October 2016. Hosted buyers will be organized by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy and all the expenses will be covered by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy.”

For more information, please kindly visit official web site and Twitter page:

Expo 2016 Antalya

What is EXPO?
An expo is a world’s fair or universal exposition. Expo is also the event internationally known as the World’s Fair, which has been held since mid-19th century. The corresponding term in Turkish refers to an exhibition display or show. Expo is the largest cultural, historical and educational Olympiad in the world.

World’s Largest Social Event
When compared to the Olympic Games or the World’s Cup, Expo is by far more important in terms of its sheer scale and duration as an event, the volume of investments made as a result of its organization and the number of visitors who travel to attend it; it is also recognized as the largest social and economical event in the world.

Cultural and Scientific Developments
Expos are expositions of technological, scientific and cultural developments of the contemporary period and beyond.
Dating back to the mid-1800s, EXPOs have had the quality of a show. Known as the “World’s Fair”, Expos are considered the most extensive events in the world, enabling nations to exchange information on culture, history and education for the purpose of creating a better world. EXPO reveals the contemporary state of the world and reveals visions, opportunities, problems and solutions for the future in all of their aspects. Apart from being a large event, EXPOs extend to local, national and international arenas. Moreover, EXPOs, with their ability to effectively communicate themes of universal interest in both an educational and entertaining way, also have the capacity to bring together people from a wide range nationalities and backgrounds.
Turkey’s 2016 Horticultural Expo provides a unique opportunity for children to learn about and experience the environment around them, their natural resources and related ways of living—sustainable development and green initiatives—while encouraging them to think about and generate solutions to the impacts that urban life has on them, and to share these ideas with the world.


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