Satisfied Dutch customer sharing his Turkiye experience

It feels good. A satisfied Dutch entrepreneur who shares his adventure about Turkiye. But it didn’t go automatically! To make a boyhood dream come true, a helping hand is sometimes needed in the establishment of an organisation and HR activities.

Philip Knierim, CEO of Ecotone, declares to be a real fan of Turkiye. Ecotone started in Istanbul with the production of affordable and environmentally friendly office supplies. After having tasted success, he founded a second company in Turkiye. Currently, he offers employment to young, smart IT/ICT developers who deliver good work for Dutch customers.
Despite Covid-19 and increasing inflation in Turkiye, he has managed to grow his business significantly. This thanks to a long-term, robust, sustainable growth strategy.
Philip “Developing an understanding the way of doing business in Turkiye and being professionally guided by the offices in Rotterdam (CCNT foundation) and Istanbul (Turkish Dutch Trade Consulting) have contributed to my success”.
But it’s not all roses and moonshine over the Bosphorus. Philip says that specifically managing in the Turkish corporate culture is a difficult task for which he has also engaged the aforementioned parties as an interface.
Interested in ICT development in Turkiye?
A webinar on January 25 is planned by the CCNT foundation. Agenda: nearshoring and the execution of remote projects. Contact initiator Paul Tjia (
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