International Chamber of Commerce / Black Sea Grain Corridor

Upon invitation from the International Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Turkiye foundation participated in the “ICC Agri-Food Hub Dialogues on Trade: Alternatives to the Black Sea Corridor for Food Security” on October 11, 2023.
The grain initiative for the Black Sea was negotiated in July 2022 among Turkiye, the UN, and Russia as a means to ensure that Ukraine, one of the world’s granaries, could facilitate the departure of its grain through its southern ports via the Bosporus. Experts during the ICC session included the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ukrainian Grain Association, the Danube Soya Association, UNCTAD and the WTO.
Recent research data were presented, encompassing statistics and trends related to grain production and export from Ukraine, importing countries, maritime and land routes, as well as the impact of the cessation of the grain deal between Russia and Ukraine on global supply chains, transportation costs, grain, and consumer prices. The Netherlands ranks as the 5th grain (oil) importer, just below Italy and Turkiye, who procure more grain from Ukraine. Until July 2023, Ukraine was able to export 33 million tons of grain and other foodstuffs thanks to the grain initiative via the Black Sea, as stated by the Secretary-General of ICC, Mr. John Denton.
Between March 2022 and September 2023, over 51.5 million tons of grain, oilseeds, and related products left Ukraine via the Solidarity Lanes. This is an EU initiative with alternative logistical routes by rail, road, and inland waterways, enabling the export of 60% of Ukraine’s grain since the beginning of the conflict, with 40% exported via the Black Sea Grain Initiative.
30% of the agricultural land in Ukraine is infected with mines. You can help clear grain fields in Ukraine by making a donation. How? Point your smartphone’s QR reader at the QR code in the attached photo. Alternative via website.

Stakeholders interested in more data can join a logistics roundtable discussion at the CCNT foundation in Rotterdam. Contact P. Wolters.