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More than 70 travel organizations call on the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to immediately adjust the travel advice and to distinguish between vaccinated travelers and other travelers.

A country will then receive a yellow or green travel advice if you have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid. This is already happening for countries within the EU and it is high time that this is also applied outside the EU, according to the travel sector.

Current travel advice dates from the time when there were no vaccines and is outdated. Current travel advice does not take into account the protective effect of vaccination and incorrectly informs travelers. The Dutch have the right to up-to-date, fair and reliable travel advice. The current incorrect travel advice is also causing great damage to the sector. This is especially culpable now that the corona support has been discontinued as of October 1.

The CCNT endorses this initiative since well informed, responsible, healthy travelling facilitates international trade.

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