Turkish TV covers Dutch trademission

Turkish TV broadcasted the Dutch trade mission of the CCNT foundation. The TRT Haber (Turkish ‘NOS’) nicely presented the Dutch fruit & vegetable producers/investors in their media.

With this initiative, the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Türkiye Foundation has exhibited Dutch companies to potential Turkish trading partners.


Translation of Turkish TV newsreader:

“In Antalya, the local produce fair ‘Yörex’ has opened its doors to its visitors for the 11th time, 18 October 2021. The host facilitated an important gathering between Dutch companies from the fresh fruit and vegetable sector and their business partners.

Formerly known as the Silk Road, now known as the ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) formed by China, the Netherlands as the most famous country in the agricultural sector of Europe and Türkiye with its excellent trading position in terms of geographical position met in Antalya to further develop a trade volume of more than 20 billion per year.

Dutch business people met their partners on location at Turkish products and also visited Yörex, the local products fair.

Ethem Emre, chairman of the Netherlands-Türkiye Chamber of Commerce foundation: “With the aim of explaining agriculture in Türkiye to producers, exporters and importers from the Netherlands, we came here with 11 companies.”

Fred van der Weijde, board member of the Chamber of Commerce: “It is a great organization here and we are very happy to be here. What beautiful products they have. And everybody is interested. Now we are doing everything to work together. We expect good results.”

Anton Filippo, trade participant: “To be invited for the first time, I don’t have much experience in Türkiye, but my first impression is: fantastic! There are many opportunities for us Dutch companies in this area of ​​Türkiye. I see myself coming back very soon.”

The intention is that cooperation between Türkiye and the Netherlands will continue and that Türkiye’s products will become a trademark in Europe.”

Visits to local companies were organised by the chamber to greenhouses with an impressive 200 HA among which in Isparta, Antalya and surroundings including Fineke (citrus; bananas; capsicum/peppers; tomatoes; potatoes). Textile and IT companies were also on the B2B matching program in Istanbul and Denizli.

Interested in a next trade mission? Contact info [at] kvknederlandturkije.nl.

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