Apple removes iPhones from Turkish webshops due to lira crisis

Apple products are not for sale in Turkish web shops (Nov. 2021). Due to the fall of the Turkish lira, local prices are suddenly 10% lower than those in the US. The lira has already fallen 45% this year. The national Dutch financial journal (Financieel Dagblad – FD) asked the opinion of the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Turkey foundation…
The chairman of the foundation says that it is not a disaster scenario. Ethem Emre: ‘Turkey has gone through a crisis before and then has recovered, the country is resilient.” He cites that in October, the World Bank revised its growth forecast for Turkey’s gross domestic product upwards. The forecast now stands at 8.5%.
A salesperson told Reuters news agency that due to inflation, consumers view electronics not only as a commodity, but also as an investment.
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