HealthCare project NL-TR on Turkish TV

The Turkish media reacted quickly to the press release “Turkish Care Capacity for Dutch Queue” published on December 8, 2021. The chairman of the Ethem Emre foundation was broadcasted via live streaming in a TV studio in Türkiye (topic “Global interest in the Turkish health system” ) were asked to provide more information about the motivation behind the NL-TR Care Project.

The Dutch healthcare sector ran into capacity limits during the corona crisis, according to the filling of the IC departments. Planned care has also been partially postponed. The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) announced at the end of August that around 340,000 to 380,000 fewer operations had been performed since March 2020 than expected. The ‘transfer’ of Dutch patients to Turkish hospitals is currently being investigated by the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands – Türkiye foundation.