The grass (and gaz) is greener across the border

Entrepreneurs are under pressure because of the lacking of available human capital, affordable energy sources and reliable supply chains. Read article ‘The grass (and gas) is cheaper across the border’ published in MKB Rotterdam Rijnmond magazine (SterkR) sent to 14,000 companies/entrepreneurs in the region Rotterdam.
Cheaper production of the same (or better) quality is a plus, especially in times of high energy prices and less reliable supply chains. That is why a group of Dutch producers travels to Turkiye every year. About 3000 Dutch companies are already established there.
Turkiye keeps Dutch companies fit and vital. Why? Because more and more sectors are subject to growth ceilings, because the stretch is out, or because of a shortage of (labour) resources. Subsequently, entrepreneurs are seeking partners internationally.
The explosion in gas prices in the Netherlands has made some Agri-fresh growers decide to leave the greenhouses empty this winter. Other sectors in Western Europe are also considering scaling down productions, which will affect related sectors in the Netherlands. It encourages entrepreneurs to roll out sustainable strategies.
What kind of entrepreneurs will join the delegation of CCNT at the end of October 2022? Fruit & vegetables, logistics, engineering/components and an entrepreneur from the furniture/interior industry. Other sectors will be facilitated later in a separate trade mission.
The success of the previous trade mission resulted in relevant contacts, contracts and even national attention on Turkish TV. Please note: let yourself be guided by a Dutch-speaking, local trade expert with an office in Istanbul or Rotterdam.
Article written by Peter Wolters, vice-chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands – Turkiye foundation. Also sparring partner sustainability, digitization and international positioning.
Read SterkR magazine, page 21.