• Visit to Arbitration Center Turkish Bar Association, Ankara

    Chairman Ethem Emre of the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands – Turkiye Foundation and also the Netherlands – Turkish Legal Institute Foundation, together with his advisor Metin Yazerel, visited the Arbitration Center of the Turkish Bar Association (TBB) in Ankara.
    They exchanged views with Mehmet Rifat Bacanli, lawyer, teacher and chairman of the center about the possibilities offered by the TBB, more specifically about a seminar for lawyers and business people in the Netherlands who have interests in Turkiye.
    Do you have interests in Turkiye and need legal assistance from Turkish lawyers in the Netherlands?
    • Corporate law
    • Commercial law
    • Tax and tax law
    • Contract law
    • Liability law
    • Mediation
    • Person-and familyright
    • Inheritance law
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