• National Export Event, Netherlands

    Future-proof exporting, how do you do it? Where can you engage with exporters and managers of global embassies and consulates-general?
    On November 1st, this was wonderfully facilitated during the “National Export Event” in the Netherlands. A total of 400 exporters were present. The Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Turkiye Foundation was also, of course, part of it!
    Did you miss it? Would you still like to discover opportunities in Turkiye or in the Netherlands under the personal guidance of Dutch-Turkish speaking experts? Many (satisfied) entrepreneurs have already received tailor-made assistance: your company is unique as well.
    Feel free to contact us for a cup of coffee in Rotterdam (06 391 110 243). Membership is not required; we are easily accessible. Afterward, we can still establish a connection with expert partners in any region.