• Turkiye well on the way becoming logistics bridge of the world

    The Turks have invested some $172 billion in large-scale infrastructure projects over the past 20 years. The country is catching up.
    According to a proud Turkish transport minister at the opening of the 58th airport in the country in May 2022: “We have completed work that would normally take 100 years in 20 years.”
    Türkiye has also completed several mega highway projects including Kuzey Marmara, built the longest suspension bridge in the world ‘1915-Çanakkale Bridge’and the widest bridge in the world ‘Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge’ and constructed a submarine tunnel under the strait of Istanbul, Marmaray.
    Several long tunnels were built as the number of railway kilometers and high-speed lines increased. The logistics sector will benefit.
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    Map: The Black Sea Inter-Modal Corridor. Source: Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications