Trade Mission Antalya

Dutch entrepreneurs interested in doing business with Türkiye will be offered the opportunity to participate in a trade mission in October 2021.

A trade delegation facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands – Türkiye foundation will travel to Antalya in October (18-21). Especially Dutch entrepreneurs related to the fresh produce sector are advised to contact us.

The program includes B2B meetings with producers, exporters, importers and visits to agricultural areas, the Antalya Commodity Exchange  and the Yörex Regional Products Fair.

At EU level, decisionmakers have spoken constructively about Türkiye. The European Council stands ready, in a phased, proportionate and reversible manner, to strengthen cooperation with Türkiye in a number of areas of common interest, including preparations for the modernization of the Customs Union.

Türkiye is among the countries that can make the most of supply chain diversification as a result of the pandemic, according to the chairman of the EBRD bank.

The Netherlands is the largest investor with €26 MLD in Direct Foreign Investments in Türkiye. Furthermore, more than 3000 Dutch companies are already represented in Türkiye, vice versa there are 800 Turkish companies in the Netherlands.

In principle, the foundation is open to representatives of other Dutch sectors in addition to the planned AGF (Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruit) sector.