Virtual matchmaking concept

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all looking for new avenues and contacts to continue facilitating trade. Suppliers can no longer personally meet customers at trade shows.
Digital meetings are an option, but what if we would organize the entire matching process virtually? Not only with regard to a digital stand at a digital fair, but also the showroom or production unit in the country of origin?

The Chamber of Commerce Netherlands – Türkiye foundation has built contacts with new interest groups that have entered into a close partnership with a virtual software producer. One reaches out to (textile) customers, the other produces virtual software for matching purposes during virtual trade fairs.

Experiencing a virtual demonstration is a beautiful Turkish digital experience. Once you have put on virtual glasses, you enter the showroom. With the virtual hand you can feel and view the textile samples in all kinds and colors. At a micro level, you look at the yarns and seams.

The sustainability aspect? Instead of flying a team over to Hanover, Paris or Istanbul by plane, now it is feasible virtually from their own seat in the Netherlands. Sustainability pays off, therefore also financially. The demonstration involved an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Dutch SMEs with a long-term vision can contact CCNT about this innovation.

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