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If you have made a choice for the best market entry strategy, our experts can help you find the right commercial partners. Do you want to work with an importer, local agent or own country manager? Our experts can find the suitable local partner. But we can also find potential partners for your company to start a joint venture with. We will support you in a professional way. [click here for more information]

Human Resource Agency:

If you start your business in The Netherlands or Turkey, you may also need local employees. But how do you know which employees to hire. Questions arise like: Are they suitable for our company? Are they skilled enough for our company? Our organization is capable of helping you find these suitable local employees. We also offer to help you with the application process and contract negotiations. [click here for more information]

Cultural advice:

The moment you want to do business in a foreign country whether it is Turkey or The Netherlands you will have to deal with some huge cultural differences. Within our organizations we have some cultural experts that can give you advice regarding the Turkish or Dutch culture or business culture. [click here for more information]


Due to the extensive network of our organization, we have an ideal tender platform. When a company or governmental institution has an assignment we help them find the suitable candidates for it within our network. We also offer to help companies find assignments, and place bids. Whenever the assignments involves two parties of a different country, in our case Turkey and The Netherlands. Our organization can help with negotiations between the two parties. [click here for more information]