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Quick Scan:

To conquer a new market is quite an art. Especially in a foreign country, where business is done in a different way. It will need knowledge and attention. Before you make the decision to enter a foreign market with your product or services, you may need the help of our experienced people. Together we can make a quick scan of your specific case, because there are a lot of questions to be answered. Is your company ready to enter a foreign market? Is the product or service suitable for it? Can your organization handle it? [click here for more information]

Multi market scan:

Do you want to know more about your specific market or industry in Turkey or The Netherlands. Then our organization can gather the relevant information for you. Depending on the knowledge you already have, research will be done to gather the information you are looking for. We can provide all kind of information varying from distribution channels, competition, pricing, fees, the legal and tax environment and specific market or industry characteristics. The information gathering takes place on the way you prefer. This can vary from participating in a multi market scan, desk research, buying external information or the design and implementation of a internet survey. But it can also be limited to finding addresses of potential distributors. [click here for more information]

Market entry strategy:

There are many ways to enter a new market. Whether you choose for a local importer, a local partner or joint venture, an acquisition of or merger with a local company or just starting your own company. From us you can get advice on what best fits your company. After you have made up your mind we can also offer you guidance in the process. [click here for more information]


Sometimes it is necessary to hire someone temporarily to get vital knowledge within the company. For complex projects or intensive marketing campaigns you can make use of our experts or we can help you search for an appropriate manager or project leader. But also in the field of marketing and business advice you can rely on our professionals on the spot. [click here for more information]