The Turkish market offers plenty of opportunities for Dutch importers and exporters. However, entering the Turkish market is not possible without sector-specific knowledge. Also, without knowledge of the Turkish language, it is not possible to consult national and regional databases, to conduct interviews and to carry out research. However, all of this is necessary to obtain reliable information, the information you need to make a solid investment decision.

Unlike other countries, business transactions in Turkey are more based on “us-know-us” mentality and peer-to-peer networks with high social control. A contact is more likely to become a signed contract after personal trust has been built through multiple company visits.

We offer all the services you need to successfully enter the Turkish market. From estimating market opportunities and analysing potential target groups to finding suitable business partners and organizing business trips in Turkey.

  • Market information

    The Turkish market offers many opportunities for Dutch importers and exporters. However, it is difficult to enter the Turkish market without knowledge in a specific area. For example, without knowledge of the Turkish language it is not easy to search national and regional databases, conduct interviews and conduct field research. However, all this is necessary to obtain reliable information.

    We provide advice and services in many areas that are necessary to successfully enter the Turkish market. From looking for business partners to an analysis of the current Turkish market. Below is an overview of all the options. If your request is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

  • Search for business partners

    We support your company in the search for potential business partners (suppliers, producers, distributors and joint venture partners). In doing so, we make use of our excellent network and our many years of experience in finding suitable business partners.

    We help entrepreneurs to identify potential business partners, conduct exploratory discussions, and actually design commercial agreements.

    After you have sent us the criteria of your ideal business partner we will look for Turkish companies that fit the wishes of your profile.

    We will draft a letter in Turkish, which you can use to contact the company. If necessary, we can also guide you further by arranging a meeting.

    Our service consists of the following parts:

    • Defining target groups and provide an analysis of your market potentials
    • The positioning of your product and your company
    • Set up a long list of potential partners
    • Set up a shortlist of verified partners
    • Make contact with potential partners
    • Organizing and coordinating the first meeting
    • Evaluation report
  • Address research

    Are you looking for addresses of Turkish entrepreneurs that you want to contact yourself? We are happy to help you in your search. At your request, we collect addresses of Turkish companies for you, including telephone number and, if available, the correct contact person and other company details.

    For more information about the tariffs, please contact us.

  • Businessplan

    When entering a new market, a solid business plan is indispensable. It forms the foundation for your plans and gives concrete direction and shape to your business ambitions. In consultation with you, we draw up a business plan that is solid as a rock and that also meets all formal requirements in The Netherlands.
  • Trade missions

    The Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands – Turkey Foundation, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, regularly organizes trade missions to Turkey and the Netherlands, usually around a specific theme. During these trade missions, new technologies are discussed, presentations are given and there is plenty of room to network and make new business contacts. We also organize business trips on a smaller scale, for example for a group of entrepreneurs.

    Depending on the wishes of the participants, we set up an interesting program and employees on site to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We also provides the following aspects:

    • The substantive focus of the trade mission or business trip
    • Targeted selection of potential business partners
    • Organising events such as business presentation, round-fray meeting, B2B fairs, company
      viewings, etc.
    • Disclosure to relevant government partners
    • Sending press releases to relevant media
    • Planning, organization and implementation of the travel program and on-site logistics
    • Evaluation of the trade mission / business trip
  • Personal account manager

    Would you like personal support in conducting market research, finding suppliers or establishing a subsidiary in Turkey? You can hire a personal Account Manager from us, who will support you part-time or full-time in Turkey.

    There are two options:

    1. Your personal Account Manager (part-time), employed by The Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands – Turkey Foundation, who works for you on a daily basis. This way you can build your business presence in Turkey in a professional manner.

    Deployment: 15 hours per month

    Duration: minimum 1 year

    2. Your personal Account Manager (full-time) is a simple and cost-effective way for a Dutch company to develop business activities in Turkey without first setting up a subsidiary. We recruits an Account Manager for you who is dedicated exclusively to your company. You can use the Account Manager as desired, from purchasing / quality control to sales and marketing tasks, from technical support to after-sales service.

    Would you like to know what the benefits are of our Account Managers? Then contact us.

  • Travel guidance and conversation management

    Planning a business trip to Turkey is a time-consuming activity, especially if you don’t know the language. We are happy to take this work off your hands. We look for the desired conversation partners for you, draw up a detailed company profile, prepare your conversation and find a suitable meeting location. During the conversation, you will be accompanied by an experienced employee who will guide the conversation and interpret it on your behalf. Minutes will be made of the conversation, which you will receive by email afterwards.

    If desired, we book your hotel, we provide transport and we reserve a restaurant of your choice. All this with only one goal: to spend your time in Turkey as efficiently as possible on what is important, namely doing business.