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Legal advice, law and regulations:

We give advice, guide and help new investors (companies) in Turkey and The Netherlands. Both in terms of legal aspects between Turkey and The Netherlands, as in the laws en regulation between Turkey and The Netherlands. [click here for more information]

Legal issues and documents:

For legal issues such as forms of enterprise, establishment requirements, constitutional documents, law, product requirements, agents or patent rights, you can contact our organization. Both in Turkey as in The Netherlands you can work together with our specialists in this field. You can also make use of our translation and interpreting services. [click here for more information]

Legal business consulting:

To quickly conquer a position on the Turkish or Dutch market, the acquisition of an existing business may be the best strategy. To accompany you with a merger with or acquisition of a company, we have the specialist knowledge. We are able to guide you throughout the entire process and advice you on financial, legal and cultural issues. [click here for more information]

Legal disputes and settlements:

Our people have a lot of experience with the Dutch and Turkish justice system but also with the culture of the countries. This knowledge can be very important when there is a conflict between a Dutch and Turkish company. Therefore we offer you our advice and assistance to any legal and financial conflicts. Or if necessary help you to reach a settlement proposal with the other company. [click here for more information]