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Banking and financial transactions:

The moment you start doing business between Turkey and The Netherlands you will have to deal with the local banks. Financial transactions are not always the same in both countries. You can turn to our people for advice and help regarding the local banking system. We can also give you advice and help you with your financial transactions. [click here for more information]


If you want to do business in Turkey or The Netherlands and your financials are not in order, don’t give up. Despite the financial crisis, many organizations are willing to finance companies that want to start operating in Turkey or The Netherlands. Turkey is one of the huge emerging economies and The Netherlands is known for their strong position in the European economy. That is why organizations are still interested. With our help and advice you can try to find one of these willing organizations, maybe even within our network. [click here for more information]

Credit protection:

If you are planning to make an investment  in a foreign country you might want to make use of our support. Our organization can help you invest your money in a safe way, so the risk of losing your money decreases. Should you still have to deal with defaulters we can possibly help recover your money. Through negotiations with the other party we try to make agreements on how we can recover your money. Something that will save you a lot of time and energy. [click here for more information]