Contract new Turkish health care centre Rotterdam signed

An important step has been taken to strengthen the position of the Turkish health tourism sector in Europe. On May 16th, the contract was signed for the allocation of a building to facilitate the “World Health Tourism Center Rotterdam.”
The Turkish healthcare sector has ambitious plans. This is the first step in establishing multiple centers worldwide. The center is formally registered in the Netherlands under the company name EU Trade Centers B.V.
The “World Health Tourism Center Rotterdam” (WHTCR) is globally unique with an innovative vision and business model. The building will offer various facilitation services, including a fair with a continious exhibition space for Turkish stakeholders to host Dutch guests. Leading hospitals, clinics, thermal facilities, elderly care centers, health tourism intermediary organizations, insurance companies, insurance and assistance firms, and industry associations will be brought together.


The target audience of WHTCR is the health tourism market of the Netherlands and neighboring countries, encompassing the entire European market under one roof. Effective promotion and marketing activities will be directed from the Netherlands towards neighboring countries. The WHTCR will serve as a magnet for anyone seeking medical treatments in Turkiye or abroad.
More information will be provided during the Health Tourism Fair taking place on June 2nd-3rd in Amsterdam. We challenge you to participate and discover this exciting new destination! Register for this event here.