Turkish Care Capacity for Dutch Queue

The ‘transfer’ of Dutch patients to Turkish hospitals is currently being investigated by the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands – Turkey foundation.

The Dutch healthcare sector has encountered capacity limits during the corona crisis, according to the filling of the IC departments. Planned care has also been partially postponed. The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) announced that since 2020 about 340,000 to 380,000 fewer operations had been performed than expected.
Interested parties for exploratory talks and a trade mission to Turkish (health) care institutions can report to info@ccnt.nl or info@kvknederlandturkije.nl.
Read press release.


* Photo: opening of new hospital in Corona year 2020, Göztepe city hospital, Kadiköy district, Istanbul. Modern and hotel-like care complex of 239,000 M2 and 1,110 rooms, of which 144 IC.


*  Photo: interior patient room Turkish hospital
Source photos: AA (Anadolu Agency)

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