• Turkey largest exporter of washing machines

    Turkey has become Europe’s largest exporter of household appliances in 2021, with an export increase of 18% compared to the previous year. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said in January that the country exported 26 million products last year.
    Last year, Turkish exports hit a record high of $225.4 billion, with an annual increase of 32.9%. The Turkish industry can also show good growth figures in the long term. The number of exporting companies increased from 33,523 in the year 2002 to 101,386 at the end in 2021.
    Turkey has taken measures for a multitude of segments of society to keep the Turkish economy going. Production was maintained as uninterrupted as possible to protect employment and to absorb fluctuations in supply chains, despite the (pandemic) tremors on a global scale.
    In order to also stimulate domestic consumption and thus production, the Turkish government has implemented temporary tax cuts in the past. Special temporary consumption taxes on air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, some small household appliances and furniture were reduced from 6.7 percent to 0 according to a cabinet decision published in the Turkish Official Gazette at the time in February 2017.
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  • The start of Turkish lemon season…

    The Turkish lemon season has started. Sizes are comparable to last season and Turkish growers have worked hard to ensure they comply with European crop protection regulations.

    The quality of the fruit is monitored at all stages: cultivation, sorting, packaging, distribution and conservation. Quality reports with the name of the producer, certificate number of the ‘garden’, date of harvest, chemicals (if applied), certificate of approval Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and packaging date can be shown and/or partly printed on packaging labels.

    Photo: MDA Agricultural Products

    Turkish exporters, the Union and the Ministry of Agriculture are closely monitored and have intensively trained their growers in growing the right products, spraying, fertilizing and harvesting. Read full article here.



  • Turkish startups receive €1 MLD

    Turkish startups receive USD 1.2 billion investment in the first half of 2021.

    ​In the first quarter of 2021, 61 startups had raised $508 million from angel investors and venture capital funds. This is a record for the Turkish startup ecosystem. According to Startup.Watch’s “Turkish Startup Ecosystem Quarterly Report-Q2 2021” report, 63 startups raised $746 million for a total of $1.2 billion in the first half.

    Getir became the most invested startup in Turkey with $550 million and a valuation of $7.5 billion. Dream Games, the second highest investment recipient after Getir, also turned into a unicorn in the second quarter of the year.

    Turkey ranks 8th in Europe and 2nd in the Angels and venture venture capital investors in the Middle East and North Africa.

    The Chamber of Commerce foundation has had constructive discussions with Teknopark / Incubation Center Istanbul (see min. 0:35 in video). Dutch startups can use facilities.

  • Netherlands top 5 investor Istanbul

    The Netherlands is in the top five countries with the highest capital invested in Istanbul in 2019 with Syria, Iran, Germany and Jordan.

    With 93 investors and assets of TRY 346 MLN, the Netherlands is in second place in the list. 12,644 foreign companies were founded in 2019 with TRY 3.3 MLD in Istanbul. Prominent sectors for investors were the services, retail, textiles and IT sectors.

    Source: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC). Would you like to hold discussions with the ICOC at sectoral level? Make use of the network of the Chamber of Commerce (see also min. 0:10 in video). Contact info@ccnt.nl