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September 22, 2021 / NIEUWS UIT TURKIJE

The start of Turkish lemon season…

The Turkish lemon season has started. Sizes are comparable to last season and Turkish growers have worked hard to ensure...
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July 21, 2021 / NIEUWS UIT TURKIJE

Turkish startups receive €1 MLD

Turkish startups receive USD 1.2 billion investment in the first half of 2021. ​In the first quarter of 2021, 61...
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March 9, 2021 / NIEUWS UIT TURKIJE

Brought home in 10 minutes

Groceries delivered in 10 minutes? It is already possible in Istanbul, now this Turkish company also wants to conquer the...
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December 20, 2020 / NIEUWS UIT TURKIJE

Popular in Turkey: geothermal

Geothermal heated greenhouses are in demand in Turkey! Dutch players in the horticultural chain can benefit from the Turkish interest...
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October 22, 2020 / NIEUWS UIT TURKIJE

Netherlands top 5 investor Istanbul

The Netherlands is in the top five countries with the highest capital invested in Istanbul in 2019 with Syria, Iran,...
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    KvK Nieuws

    September 27, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    Caribbean housing shortage solution from Turkey!

    Access to safe, affordable and efficient housing is crucial in times of climate change, natural disasters and migration flows. Residents...
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    September 22, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    ICT ‘nearshoring’ Turkey-Netherlands a great success!

    The need for affordable, good software and programmers is great in the Netherlands. ITR Connect, the ICT nearshoring initiative for...
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    September 9, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    CCNT ‘Opportunities & Key Figures Turkey’ brochure

    A handy and effective 'instrument' : the 'Opportunities and Key Figures' Turkey brochure. It offers concise trends, figures and maps...
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    June 30, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    Trade Mission Antalya

    Dutch entrepreneurs interested in doing business with Turkey will be offered the opportunity to participate in a trade mission in...
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    May 3, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    New Turkish IT pool for Dutch SMEs

    In response to the shortage of qualified ICT experts in the Netherlands, a new initiative will soon be facilitated by...
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    April 21, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    Trade potential Turkey & neighboring countries

    The Chamber of Commerce foundation was honored to kick-off the first webinar series of "Trade Potentials Between Turkey and Neighboring...
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    February 26, 2021 / KvK Nieuws

    Istanbul Investment Agency: Dutch investors are welcome

    You want to invest in certain sectors in Istanbul such as transport and traffic, recycling, water management, smart cities, health,...
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    October 17, 2020 / KvK Nieuws

    Virtual matchmaking concept

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all looking for new avenues and contacts to continue facilitating trade. Suppliers can no...
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    September 9, 2020 / KvK Nieuws

    Founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

    With offices in Rotterdam and Istanbul, we encourage entrepreneurs, startups, academic institutions, NGOs, opinion leaders and individuals to take advantage...
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    March 9, 2021 / NEWS

    Anadolu Agency

    Nederlandse direct foreign investments zijn blijkbaar gekend in Turkije. De ‘Turkse ANP’ Anadulu Agency heeft een nieuwsoverzicht geplaatst over lopende Nederlandse participaties o.a. in hernieuwbare energie, agrisector en regionale ontwikkeling.
    March 9, 2021 / NEWS

    De Istanbul Investment Agency

    U wilt investeren in Istanbul? De Istanbul Investment Agency is de eerste ‘sub-nationale’ organisatie in Turkije die direct onder een stadsbestuur valt. De stichting KvK Nederland-Turkije heeft recentelijk samenwerkingsmogelijkheden met dit organisatie besproken.
    March 9, 2021 / NEWS

    Gewild in Turkije

    Geothermisch verwarmde kassen zijn gewild in Turkije! Nederlandse spelers uit de tuinbouwketen kunnen profiteren van het Turkse interesse voor innovatieve en duurzame technologie.
    March 9, 2021 / NEWS

    In 10 minuten thuisgebracht

    Boodschappen in 10 minuten thuisgebracht? Het kan al in Istanboel, nu wil het bedrijf ook buiten Turkije de markt veroveren.



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