Event Link: http://www.eelevents.co.uk/ppp_in_turkey_2013/

Following on from the success of our 2012 PPP in Turkey Forum, our 2013 event will provide an update on the market and its current challenges and opportunities. Government representatives will outline existing and future projects, international experts will provide best practice advice and industry stakeholders will review the feasibility of Turkey’s ambitious plans. Our 2013 forum will provide a platform for debate and discussion with more interactive panel sessions and Q&As.

Key topics to be discussed include: Social Infrastructure (Education, Housing, Sports and Culture, Energy Efficiency), Municipal/City projects, Transport Infrastructure, Healthcare and Environmental infrastructure.


Conference Sessions:

1. Ministerial address and project showcase. Regional overview and update from 2012 event. Legal framework review.
2. Financing PPP projects in Turkey. Requirements of international lenders and view of Turkish market.
3. Social Infrastructure project update: Education, Housing, Sports/Cultural. International best practice examples.
4. Municipal projects: City and State projects for PPP.


5. Transport Infrastructure
6. Healthcare PPPs

7. Environmental PPPs


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